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Exhibition 2012 in Giverny

From May 5th to June 28th 2012 the next SAM (Salon of Artise Members and Friends of the "Who's Who Art Club international) will be held in Giverny.
The exhibition room is in a very good location, in the street where you can se the "Musée des Impressionismes" and the Fondation Claude Monet, with the renowned painter's house and garden. The SAM will thus be welcomed by the spacious Galerie 60 set at the heart for the village, at no. 60 rue Claude Monet.
Haakon Engelsen is invited to exhibit 2 paintings of more, one week.
Date comes later.

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"David of Michelangelo 2010" Award
High recognition to Personalities in the world of Art, Science and Culture
On the 510th Anniversary of the recognition of the famous sculpture of "David", by Michelangelo Buonarroti

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European Heritage Days 2010

Haakon Engelsen participate on occasion of the European Heritage Days with 2 or more paintings at the Chaleau d'Auvers-sur-Oise, a partner in the Days.

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Leonardo da Vinci  2009

Haakon Engelsen has been selected among the Personages of Art, Sciences and Culture to receive the very prestigious award LEONARDO DA VINCI 2009, 12 December 2009 at Lecce.
His artistic skills have been reported to the Editorial Office of the Association by many experts on art as well as through national and international publications on specialized magazines; all these informations allow the Editorial Office to nominate Engelsen or the delivery of the award.

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Premio "Santa Maria Novella" 2009

Premio "Santa Maria Novella" 2009 from the association galleria "Centro Storico" in Florence, is given to Haakon Engelsen because of his contribution to art and culture. The photo of the diploma is the famous church in Florence "Santa Maria Novella", the name of the award.

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Premio Citta dei due Mari 2008
Haakon Engelsen is an original artist able to convey emotions and sensations to the audience.
Following the trail of his own emotions he  gives meaning to the inner musicality of his soul. In fact, in his works he chooses the colours blue and purple as a contrast to the subject of the painting. Everything is pervaded by a strong sense of darknes and melancholy. Through his works, in fact, the artist tells us the story of his inner self, rich in contradictions and dreamlike images.
Haakon Engelsen, in short, shows in his paintings the great power of the Art in its multiple facets, between tradition and modernism.

Motifs and expressions

The sky is frequently an important part of my pictures, in harmony with the character of the whole landscape. Space is an important dimension through which I try to express human symbolism, loneliness and hope. As well as the wide fields and great forests of the countryside, in which I live, I try to express the dramatic aspects of nature, the mountains in the north of Norway. As well as the romantic beauty of nature, I also show mysticism through the use of deep colors. In my work I have been influenced by primitive and expressionistic art. I was born in Horten, Norway, and grew up by the sea in Åsgårdstrand, where the internationally famous painter Edvard Munch created many of his paintings. Here too, I received inspiration from the special Nordic character of my landscapes. Tradition, I feel, is important, but in the language of humanity. I participate in international exhibitions in an endeavour to present national art abroad, to avoid isolation and to make new contacts in other countries.

Haakon Engelsen, May 2001


Alto Riconoscimento Artistico
Conferita a Haakon Engelsen

An artist compelled to portrait his passions, Haakon Engelsen paints with the dark colours of  mindfulness. The loneliness and supreme beauty of his ruins as wel as of his human figures become metaphors of a tormented soul. Particular suggestive the use of mono-chromatic in his paintings, through which he is able to go in depth into the meanings of the existence. The main goal of his work is, in fact, analysing and communicating the unconscious self, beyond appearances and illusions.

Haakon Engelsen maintains, in short, the northern atmoshpere of his country, but he shapes it according to his own moods. The final result is an original work of art, recognizable amonng many other modern artists int the international artistic panorama. 

Prof. Guiseppe Maci

Palazzo della Provincia di Brindisi - Sabato 28 Luglio 2007


Haakon Engelsen has got a powerful sense of beauty and of sublime art. He has got also a romantic sensibility, when he paints his monochromatic landscapes, as well as his desolating ruins.
His paintings are intensively covered with a sort of mist, which gives a magic atmosphere to his imagery world. His meditative blues, captured in their several tones, create a strange universe where dreams and souvenirs of his real life are mixed up. What strikes in his works is also the deep contrast between the darkness permeating all his paintings, and the sudden light underlining the centre of our attention, the main interest of the Norwegian artist.
In conclusion Haakon Engelsen is an interesting and fascinating, who develops his own way to express the mystery of en everlasting work of art.

Dott. Nadine Giove
(Art Critic)

"E come nella forza di Ercole, in Lei vediamo una carica di vitalià e di immaginazione che La pone fra i grandi Maestri del nostro seclolo"

Brindisi, 16 Luglio 2006


Haakon Engelsen follows his own artistic style and moods, nevertheless in his works there are some hints to Impressionism and Romantism. The use of dark colorus is deep and fading, and it creates a romantic as well as gothic atmoshpere in the painting.
The observer is enchanted by the puzzling nature of his art. Haakon Engelsen does not represent what he sees, but rather what he feels and remembers, so that there is a tight correspondance between the picture, the subject and the artist. The magic and poetic world of Haakon Engelsen moves our inner selves, and the nature evoked in his arts mirror our souls, giving us deep emotions.

Dott. Nadine Giove

"E come nella forza di Ercole, in Lei vediamo una carica di vitalita de immaginazione che La pone fra i grandi Maestri del nostro seclolo"

Brindisi, 16 Luglio 2005

PREMIO D'ONORE, Firenze 19-05-02
"LAquila della libertà"

Haakon Engelsen is an efficient and qualified artist, present with three magnificent works, which represent: a giant tree, a landscape with the sea, a big house. In his works the colours light blue, red and white are predominating. In the impressive landscape framing from Master Haakon Engelsen condense humours, lights and atmoshpere from the environments, which are observed with attention and inner participation from a sincerely inspirated artist who is able to conjugate with expression in the pictoral creation, each element from the sentimental reality and emotion, which he feels to sprout in his sensibility. His painting defines equilibrium in the compositional drafting, however animated in the rhytm from a brilliant chromatically harmony, rich of vibrations in the variation of lights and tonal shades, in a convinced harmony interwoven form mental energy and fantasy.
I approve his art of painting.

Compliments and wishes
19-05-02. Prof. Giovanni Mazetti
Rettore Accademia Italiana
Vada (Livorno)

"With psychological colors, Haakon Engelsen attains a peculiar dreamy mood in his special paintings. At the same time he expresses himself in a complete honest way to the spectator. These paintings are all through his own, and he paints them independent of mode, and actual politic of art."

Tor Cederkvist, Romerikes Blad, Norway 17-4-97.

"The Norwegian painter, Haakon Engelsen is a spiritual descendent of Edvard Munch. His moody paintings of anthropomorphic houses and spidery trees project emotional power with their muted colors and evocative forms."

Claude Le Suer, Art Speak International, New York Sept. 1994

Prizes and honours

Haakon Engelsen received a prize of honour in a ceremony in Florence February 2005, together with a presentation of his work.
Prix de Prestige Evian May 2005 Arts-Inter.
Gran Premio Elite 2005
Citta di Grosseto, Accademia Italiana "Gli Etruschi"
Certificato di merito.
Concorco, Arte A Milano. 13-20th June 2005
Galleria Scene Art Space, Milano.

Books. Catalogues.

Who's who in international Art. 2005
Europ-Art. Geneve 2005.